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HotelSearchFreeText is a system designed to understand free text travel queries. HotelSearchFreeText converts those requests into a structured search query with various parameters which can be programmatically used in searching other travel sites. The HotelSearchFreeText Web API provides a direct way to access the HotelSearchFreeText Query Engine via an HTTP REST request.
Responses are formatted as JSON objects.

HotelSearchFreeText also exposes a REST API for a chat bot interaction related to travel queries. HotelSearchFreeText Chat Agent, is a natural language processing search utility that is open and available for incorporation in any travel website. It offers a natural language processing engine through its HotelSearchFreeText Chat API, which is tuned to identify common travel parameters such as number of travelers, place names and locations, and fuzzy date ranges. Travel websites can use this Chat API to use these parsed information bits in order to search their system for matching flights, hotels, or travel packages. Users interact in a natural fashion with HotelSearchFreeText natural language engine.

The destination city, checkin date, and the number of days (or nights) can appear in any order.
If you specify checkin date and checkout date, then checkin date must appear before checkout date in the query.

For hotel search, users can enter queries like these:

Miami jan 3 for 2 nights 3 adults

dec 10 dec 15 Orlando 2 adults

3 day in Tampa jan 5

today Las Vegas 4 day

For flight search, users can enter queries like these (note that departure and arrival city can appear anywhere in the query):

2 nights jan 15 Chicago Miami

Seattle dec 10 dec 15 Orlando

Las Vegas to Tampa jan 5 3 nights

HotelSearchFreeText is owned by Inventiks Software, based in Kirkland, WA.

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