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HotelSearchFreeText exposes the following free APIs:

1. HotelSearchFreeText Natural Language API
This API is used to parse natural language queries, and return a json object with the fields representing checkin date, checkout date, travel location, and person count.

2. HotelSearchFreeText Chat API
This is a chat bot API that offers access to HotelSearchFreeText natural language processing. An application using this API can identify common travel parameters such as number of travelers, place names and locations, and fuzzy date ranges, using a chat like interaction with the user. Applications or Travel websites can use this Chat API to then use these parsed information bits to search their system for matching flights, hotels, or travel packages.

3. Sentiment Analysis API
This is a API that analyzes a hotel review sentence. It returns the features detected, and the positive or negative sentiment for that feature. For example "Room was large." , it detects that the word "Room" was carrying a positive sentiment, caused by the adjective "large".